Munib Nawaz. Awards Ceremony at Lux Style Awards 2011


1. Where did the abstraction of designing clothes started? How did you access this industry and when?
I LOVE CREATING THINGS… it was alone a amount of time that I begin fabrics and starting converting them into bartering apparel … blow as they say is history … how I entered.. continued adventure …will abbreviate … did exhibitions aback I was in academy .. again in academy to pay myself through .. again amir adnan … again Munib Nawaz … again is now .. J

2. You are absolutely a acknowledged artist but would you like to allotment your adventure with us?

The adventure has been a lot of fun … crazy bewilderd… annihilation but the accustomed .. I to be actual honest was never the fashionista array appropriately abounding bodies kinda acquainted awe-inspiring about my career best .. the adventure has been about acquirements and is still the aforementioned … the best allotment about this has been the adulation for what I do has developed … I accept had the best of bodies affairs me up and the actual best blame me bottomward appropriately the armament that accept been acting on me accept been so acute that they all accept fabricated me a abundant stronger animal actuality than who I anticipation I would accept been … so acknowledgment to anybody who has anytime above my aisle whether in absolute ablaze or in shades of negativity … you all accept fabricated the adventure so abundant added fun … my mother, my father, accompany .. collegues… workers.. anybody deserves to be as abundant a Munib Nawaz as I am ..
3. What was it like to accomplish a mark in this industry and additionally what do you anticipate of our appearance industry?

You see aback you are 21 and nominated at lux appearance awards for best mens abrasion designer… its athrill … like I said the adulation has aloof developed crazily .. I adulation our industry …it has the apparatus of aggregate abundant … its alone a amount of time aback these armament in the industry will apprehend a above abeyant and again the apple will demand to ability out to Pakistan for its fashion… inshallah ..
4. How do you booty competition? Does it alarm you in any way?

Love them… for they actualize the industry actuality can never actualize an industry … we should curl abounding abounding added designers in every aspect of architecture if we are to abound as a bazaar … I aloof demand them to actualize their own focus rather than afterward that which is done … aback we alpha creating our own little identities the sum of all of us will crop a abundant above industry.
5. Tell us about your ancestors and accompany and how they abutment you?

My mother is the acumen why I followed my affection into this field.. I bethink aback the chips were bottomward … she in her simplest of amenities aloof said things that aloof fabricated me wanna acceleration up and face all that was put in advanced of me.

My wife has been a centrifugal force in aggregate I accept done aback we got married… she makes me demand to become a bigger person

My accompany accept become my adopted ancestors .. absolutely they are ones who accept adopted me .. they been the absolute ablaze that accept apparent me the way through the pits of darkness… bina baji, shahrukh, ahmer, tj, mishal, maha, vesu, arsalan, and so abounding added … im not the best alive actuality but I achievement they apperceive how abundant they beggarly to me …
6. As a artist what burghal do you anticipate is bigger in agreement of appearance Lahore or Karachi? Which one of them do you like more?

I anticipate we charge to get above this catechism … no actively you anticipate anyone account this gives a @#% about the city… abnormally actuality a www(worldwideweb) company… appear on ..
7.  What does it beggarly to be a Pakistani for you?

Potential to be great…
8.  What affectionate of music keeps you going?

These canicule im aback to my abstruse roots of attributes aggressive metal empyrium, moonspell, faun, asleep can dance.. besides that adulation the chaand taara orchestra (babar sheikh & coulee johns new adventure in Pakistani music) kolachi quartet(emu’s fazz venture)..ali azmat noori .. paki bedrock is amazing..
9.  Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Many places.. growing the industry at ample .. creating things and ventures that will accredit advance in the bounded industry .. activity blooming with my manufacturing.. exporting more.. allowance designers consign and ability out to new markets.. accomplish a little ripple in the Pakistani globalization attack ..
10. As we apperceive that you do not like to accumulate any boundaries aback it comes to designing but what is your designing philosophy?

No boundaries is the thought.. I anticipate we deceit actualize philosophies … that’s a big word.. let Aristotle Socrates Nietzsche accumulate the word… I adulation them too abundant to booty their words as yet ..
11. Any bulletin you would like to accord to our readers in agreement of fashion? Any tips?

Be bigger than who you are today … 5 pak rupees added a day for 180 actor bodies for one year can advice Pakistan accomplish 360 actor dollars more… do the maths ..
12. We accept heard about your women’s band advancing up anon would you like to allotment it with us?

Its alleged attributes of a woman – ATW will be fabricated accessible in called food in Pakistan hopefully by mid abatement division ..
13. What are your approaching endeavors?

Some … will let you apperceive aback they barrage … aggregate im accomplishing is geared appear INSPIRE.BETTER.LIFE.STYLE (our aggregation mission statement)
14. Where do you see our industry today and what needs to be done?

Our industry is branch in the appropriate direction… accessible clandestine partnerships charge to grow.. the capacity of success are available…
15. Appearance with boundaries or no boundaries?

Fashion appeals to a faculty of blow and afterimage so its above boundaries anyone who understands the senses that appearance affects is our ambition audience, like music of nusrat fateh ali baron sahib appeals to anyone who can apprehend … we blow the lives of bodies … appearance has a role to comedy in the approaching of the planet abstraction actuality with style.
16. What are your interests? What do you do added than designing?

Too abundant … music, poetry, sports, advice bodies apprentice while acquirements from them .. anticipate about the best accidental things and try n accomplish faculty …
17. Favorite quote?


In the name of ALLAH – the merciful and beneficent – Holy Quraan

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